Since Piper is becoming a big sister in January, I wanted her to move into a big girl room well in advance.  I did not want Piper thinking she was getting kicked out of her room for the baby.  So, while this is probably the smart thing to do, it is tough to imagine my little girl as a big girl!  Sniff sniff.


The room that would become hers was used as storage/sewing/guests.  My goal was to not paint the room and to keep costs down.  Part of my desire not to paint came from the fact that we have a heavy bunk bed set that would have been impossible to move.  







One flat sheet purchased: $6



My two old pillow cases from high school that I took the seams out of: 



Front side of two pillow cases made from one of the old pillows:



Backside (I used an old white pillow case for the rest of the material):



Part of the second old pillow case also went to create a new comforter cover (the flat sheet I purchased that I sewed with a white flat sheet we had laying around):



The second comforter I already had from high school.  I used the two blue plaid comforters (from the first picture) as the comforters so I didn't need to purchase new plain ones.  So if we end up with a boy, we can just take the cover off.  The little yellow pillow was actually the case the new flat sheet came in.  I had old filler to stuff it with.



Welcome to Piper's new room:



Valence was left from the previous owner in the kitchen.  The blue bows on the bed were from our wedding:



Mirror from Value Village for $10, which I sprayed painted and playset purchased from a friend.  The pictures are hung by painted birds with two birdhouses on the ends.  The pictures are of all her grandparents and 1st cousins.  For those who don't know there are 14 cousins represented plus an ultrasound of #15!



I painted unfinished frames from Michaels ($3), used ribbon from our wedding and printed out a newborn, 10 month old and recent pictures of Piper.



Checking out the big girl bed:



I think she likes the kitchen!



Tonight will be her first night in her new room and I am just full of emotions.  I am sure this is one of the many cases where the kids are fine but the moms are a wreck.  I do need to put up the plexiglass we purchased to tie onto the bed railing so Piper doesn't try and climb up.  


The bonus of both her and the new baby being surprises (gender-wise), is that Piper's old room is basically all ready for the new baby!  


One last big project on my list: finally finishing Piper's baby book!

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Thanksgiving was a memorable one this year!  It started out by snowing (as you locals know) earlier in the week.  This was Piper's first snow but we didn't quite make it to sledding with her.  Hopefully the snow will make another appearance this year so she can experience it a little more.  I must say though, she was pretty darn cute all bundled up in her snowsuit as she braved the elements to go grocery shopping with me (like she had a choice).  
My sister-in-law and her family came in to town for the week from Idah and shared the wonderful news of an addition to their family due in April!  This will make 14 nieces and nephews total!  I love each and every one of them.  
Watching all the little cousins play with each other was such a delight.  Squealing and laughing filled the house.  
We had the typical wonderful spread for Thanksgiving.  I made an ultra sweet potato casserole (with marshmallows and pecan/brown sugar topping) and a green bean casserole with added cheese on top, because really we weren't consuming enough calories.   
The day after Thanksgiving we packed up the car and headed to Vancouver, WA to visit more cousins and for Brian to play in a flag football tournament with his cousin's church.  I made good use of time by heading in to Portland for some tax-free Christmas shopping.
We were also able to visit some friends of ours and had a great evening with drinks and dessert.  
Now we are home, recovered from the busy week.  Time to bring on Christmas!
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Last weekend we went up to Bellingham with our cousin Kim to visit the Tepkers (more cousins).  As always, the Tepkers opened their home with their great hospitality and spoiled us with yummy food, great fun and a house full of kids running around (they have 4 kiddos)!

The weekend included a dinner (with no kids), bowling, board games, football watching and just great chit-chat in the living.   We always have such a great time and I am already looking forward to the next trip in a few weeks.

 Till next time!
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Brian, Piper and I just arrived back from our trip out to Baltimore.  We were out there for my best friend's wedding in Annapolis.  

This was Piper's first trip that included flying so needless to say Brian and I were a tad nervous about the flights.  We had lay-overs both directions which actually turned out to be a good thing.  It was nice for all three of us to be able and stretch our legs out.  Piper did great on the planes....for a 9 month old.    She was a trooper and made many friends with the people who sat behind us and all the flight attendants.  Thankfully on our way east we had an empty seat next to us so we had a bit more room.  We made sure to feed her some Cheerios during take-offs and landings and that seemed to help with any pressure in her ears as she never fussed once.   

Now while Piper was a rock star on the planes, she was not little miss perfect during all three nights we stayed in the hotel.  She woke up twice the first and last night and three times the second night.  Piper has been sleeping through the night for 2 months now so having to get up so many times was a shock to my body. I really couldn't blame her though - time zones, lack of full naps, slight congestion does not work well with babies.

We basically had all day on Friday to play tourists until the rehearsal for the wedding (I was in the wedding so we did have obligations).  So we all got in the car Friday morning and headed to Baltimore and the "Inner Harbor".  It was a great day for walking around as the sun was out and the temperature was nice and crisp but not too cold.  We went up the World Trade Center, which is a 29 story pentagonal shaped building.  The views from the observation level (27th floor) were great.  It was nice to read up a little on the history of the city and everything we were seeing.  After the WTC we walked over to the Seven Foot LIghthouse that is now on land as a historical site.  You can go up and walk around all the rooms and read the stories from the lightkeepers.  One thing is for sure, I would not want that job in winter!  Next was lunch at Unos, the famous Chicago pizza restaurant.  I must say, it was quite tasty.  Last stop in Baltimore was Fort McHenry, where a famous battle inspired the creation of the Star Spangled Banner.  And just as a side note - did you know the first American flag had 15 stripes?  I didn't.  I loved walking around the fort, going through the buildings and just trying to imagine what it was like back then.   

After sightseeing all day it was time to focus on why we were there in the first place, the wedding!  The wedding was held at the Marriott on the waterfront in Annapolis and of course the ceremony had to be outside.  The rehearsal was pretty quick as everyone was freezing their you know what's off thanks to a cold wind.  We were all nice and toasty soon enough though at the rehearsal dinner at Ruth's Chris steakhouse.  Oh my gosh, the food there was so good!  I chose the crab cakes which were amazing.  Chunks of crabs piled in mounds and with a spicy kick that made them quite delicious.  Piper was again a trooper and behaved as well as a 9 month old can behave at a nice restaurant.  As long as she is eating, she is happy.  She takes after her mother.   The servers were on top of their game as well.  They made sure to place all the hot plates and drinks out of Piper's reach.  Very smart people.

Saturday was the big day and since I had to be to the wedding hotel early, Brian had some quality time with Piper in downtown Annapolis.  It was so much fun being with my friend and the other bridesmaid (who I am also friends with).  The bride was gorgeous and everything went pretty much seamlessly.  Plus, I have discovered weddings are a lot more fun when you are not responsible for any part of them.  So when the bride got stressed out or her mind was going a mile a minute, I couldn't help but laugh a little.   The ceremony was beautiful and it was such a blessing to be a part of the wedding for such a dear friend.  Piper made friends with just about everyone there.  Her bright blue eyes and cute little smile attracted many people.  And we had so many people come up to us to say how well behaved she was.  Love it!  We even had a nice couple (an elder from the bride's church and his wife) offer to hold Piper so Brian and I could dance.  Of course what would bringing a baby to a wedding be without a few stains.  So my bridesmaid's dress does have some nice spit up on it as well as coffee that she managed to spill on me (the coffee was cold so no one was hurt).  The dark brown color of the dress helped to hide the stains quite nicely.

On Sunday there was a brunch we got to enjoy with some of the family members from the wedding.    Afterwards, we decided to kill the time before we needed to be at the airport, by driving around the area.  The sky was blue, the trees a variety of Fall colors and the houses were gorgeous on well kept lawns.  It was a great fall day for a peaceful drive in a beautiful area.  

Piper was called a cherub by our seat-mate on the first leg of the return flight.  We had her down to her diaper since the plane was so warm (we were in the second to last row).  With her little chubby self, the name seemed to fit.  The second leg was much more comfortable and Piper was nice to us and fell asleep during the entire flight.  My arm fell asleep with her on it for so long, but I would rather have that than a crying baby.  
We finally made it home just after midnight and oh it felt soooo good to fall asleep in our own beds.  

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures!
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Here are a few shots we took from our race last Sunday.  For details about the race, check out Brian's blog.

This was the second year I captained a team for the Mt Si relay race.  We just had so much fun, we wanted to do it again.  We started out as two teams and the smack talk started between immeditately. 

The second team was not able to get in but in the end that was a good thing.  My team members started dropping like flies.  One of our male runners hurt his knee and one of the females didn't feel 100% ready for the race (we will let her slide by this time as she did get married and went on a honeymoon right before the race).  Once we discovered that the other team didn't make it in, another female on my team dropped so a female from the other team could join ours. 

Finally, the Friday before the race, our new team was set.  Better late than never.
That Friday, Brian and I hosted a carbo-loaded dinner for the team.  It was a great dinner as we all bonded over pasta.  Since we were about to spend all day together, we might as well get to know each other.

So Sunday morning, we all met up waaaay to early for all of us.  We saw Brian off at 6:00am as he started the race for our team.  Now last year, we were late getting to the first exchange.  Needless to say that our runner was not happy with us as she had to wait 5 minutes for us to finally get there.  oops.  So this year, we knew we had to show up on time for Brian.  I am glad we went early because sure enough, Brian finished in record time and as the first finisher of leg 1.  Brian tagged off to me and I started my first leg.  We were lucky in that the weater was perfect for running, not too hot not too cold.  Now the start my leg was uphill (0.8 miles) but after that it was pretty flat and nice.
Kat, leg 3, told me that I was to smack her on the backside for our exchange.  Sure, why not.  So as I came in I wound my hand back and gave her a nice "whap". 

While we were waiting for leg 5 (Keith) to finish, Brian wanted to change his socks before his second leg.  Next thing I knew, I was looking at the biggest, bluest, greenest, nastest blister on his toe.  He had to run with that thing! 

Now the smacking on the backside caught on to the rest of the team so that was our official method of exchange.  So we were quite interested to see how Keith was going to tag off to Brian.  As Keith came in, Brian raised his hand for a high-5 and Keith's hand went up and right over Brian's then came down for a nice "whap".  Gott'em!

Blister and all, Brian made his leg look easy by coming in with great time.  He "tagged" me and I was off for my last leg.  The only nice thing I can say about my second leg was that the scenery was really pretty.  Other than that it was long, all hill and did I mention long?

I came in with just enough energy to give a smack to the next runner.  Brian and I were then done with our legs and could cheer our teammates on.

We did noticed another team exchanging with slaps on the toosh too - copy cats.

We finished around 2:30 as Keith finished the race for us.  We had quite the day, bonding over sweat, stinky clothes, exhaustion, bathroom runs, slaps on the rears and sense of accomplishment in finishing.

Thanks to my great team for another great year at Mt Si!
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When Brian and I got married I became an aunt, 3 times over, thanks to his large family.  Since then I have gained 2 more.   I love every minute I'm around them.

I only have one sibling, my dear brother Conor, so being an aunt for his children was going to take awhile.  Well, he got married a month before we did and just had their first child!  So  I guess you can say this is my first blood niece.   Here are some pictures I got a few days after Christmas. 

I would like to introduce Akeelah Jade Moore born at 5:05 AM on December 11th in Tulsa OK .  Look at the hair!!!
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My boss sent this to me.  I thought it was pretty cute.

The Week Before Christmas
'Twas the week before Christmas and things should be pretty, But the winds blew last Thursday, now it's dark in our city. The wires had been hung on the poles with great care, In hopes we'd have power to illumine the air. In houses all snuggly in warm cozy in beds, Soon roaring and noise formed visions of dread! With Mom in her flannel and I in my sweats, We discussed in great haste where the flashlights were kept. Soon out in our yard, the branches did scatter, Our brain felt the rush and it hastened our chatter. The shine on my desk from my new lamp aglow, Grew dimmer and dimmer, its beam was so low. When what to my wondering eyes should appear? Some lightening! Trees falling! There's trouble, oh dear!! With a huff and a puff, it's power so quick, I knew in a flash it'd be rough for St Nick! More rapid than arrows, it's course now insane, So I sputtered and shouted and had to exclaim, Now Mother, Now daughter, now Prentice and Nixon, Put on your fleece housecoats, and head for the kitchen! We lit up the torch in no time at all, Still nature was angry, it made us feel small. The dry leaves once still like a hurricane fly, Become a great whirl and fly swiftly by! Then down to the ground, their course now askew, We cling to each other, and wait till it's through. Soon comes in the rustling, I hear on the roof, A fir or a maple, I don't want to look! I took in a breath and was turning around, Then straight down the chimney the tree trunk came down! It's bark and it's needles were close.not a foot, It scraped off the mortar and stirred up the soot. A bundle of cordwood I'll cut with a whack, Can sell it by roadside, if I don't hurt my back. They lights they all twinkled, the whole thing was scary, I'd rather have roses or things topped with a cherry! My parched dry white mouth was drawn like a bow, And my quivering chin like Jello or dough. The stump of the match I still held in my teeth, Was smoking and smoldering, not flaming.relief! I have some broad shoulders, some food in our bellies, I knew we'd do fine without the big Telly. We're chubby and plump, had cans on our shelves, I was pleased so I smiled, quite proud of myself. I winked with my eyes and twisted my head, Though darkness of night, I had nothing to dread. I spoke not a word, but went straight to the work, I filled up the shed, my duties not shirked. Then clasping my hands near the end of my face, I give God a nod, He gave us His Grace. My power's back on! I'm excited and whistle, No more is it dark like the pain of a thistle! So you'll hear me exclaim "The Season's Still Bright!", There's Peace, Joy and Love, no matter our plight!

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